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Pelarity: Empowering Leaders with Behavioral Science and Data-driven Solutions

Pelarity specializes in enhancing organizational performance through an in-depth understanding of people dynamics. By applying behavioral science and data-driven methodologies, Pelarity measures and optimizes the cultural and operational aspects of businesses. Their services include cultural assessments, performance optimization, mentorship, and strategic guidance, all tailored to improve team dynamics and business outcomes. Pelarity offers tools to measure individual contributions within a team, assess overall team synergy, and evaluate inter-divisional interactions, helping businesses understand and leverage their internal dynamics for strategic growth.

About Mike Mosel

Mike Mosel, the founder of Pelarity, brings a robust background in management combined with over six years of experience integrating behavioral science into business strategy. With a B.S. in Management from George Mason University, and having been a CEO who successfully owned and exited several companies, Mike's expertise lies in transforming organizational challenges into opportunities for growth. He focuses on enhancing business performance by deeply understanding and optimizing the dynamics of people within organizations.

Enhanced Organizational Health and Strategic Growth

Pelarity guides you in understanding the story of your people—how they fit, perform, and interact within your company culture, impacting business outcomes. Our unique approach is designed to enhance organizational health and employee satisfaction.


Tailored Business Strategy Optimization

We delve into your business processes to identify factors that affect productivity. By pinpointing positive and negative influences, we provide actionable insights that help streamline processes and improve business outcomes.


Financial Performance Boost through Strategic Insights

Understanding the dynamics of your people and their productivity enables your business to meet strategic and revenue objectives more effectively. Our integrated strategies boost your bottom line by aligning people insights with business operations.


What Pelarity clients say

The Predictive Index is the key to understand your people story!

John C.

The reports are detailed with a lot of information and coaching advice.

Carly M.

Predictive index is super helpful and saves us thousands of hours. Accuracy is spot on!

Roman S.

Look at Your Business In a Whole New Way

Pelarity equips businesses with the tools and insights necessary to transform their internal dynamics, ensuring that their people strategies align with their overall business goals, leading to sustainable growth and improved performance.


Expert Knowledge and Custom Tools

As a Pelarity Connection, you'll gain access to our extensive knowledge base, sharing tools, ideas, strategies, and insights to make informed decisions about your business and culture.


Business Transformation

As a Pelarity Client, you benefit from tailored strategies and actions designed to turn your business into a magnet for top talent, achieving high client satisfaction and remarkable productivity, leading to new levels of confidence, profit, and growth.


Expertise and Data-Driven Results

Pelarity has collaborated with over 30 companies to redefine their talent and business strategies, significantly enhancing their operational effectiveness and financial outcomes. Our use of the Predictive Index system has transformed team dynamics and improved employee engagement and productivity.


Leadership and Reduced Conflict

Through our Predictive Performance Blueprint and strategic consultation, Pelarity has been instrumental in developing aligned leadership teams, resolving internal conflicts, and fostering a more harmonious work environment, which enhances overall productivity.


Solutions and Financial Success

Our consultative approach and customized solutions have consistently led to high levels of client satisfaction and stronger financial performance, with many businesses experiencing enhanced profitability and revenue growth.


Development and Educational Contributions

Pelarity is pivotal in developing leadership teams that are more aligned with their company’s strategic goals. We also educate leaders through workshops and seminars to enhance their understanding of strategic, talent, and financial management for sustainable business growth.

Let's Connect

Interested in transforming your business? Connect with Mike Mosel at Pelarity and embark on your journey of impact, influence, and empowerment. Discover how our tailored strategies can make a definitive difference in your organization. Contact us: [email protected]


What is Pelarity, and how does it help businesses?
Pelarity is a consultancy that specializes in enhancing organizational health and performance by understanding and leveraging the people dynamics within a business. We guide senior leaders to transform their organizational challenges into opportunities for strategic growth and improved operational effectiveness.
What unique expertise does Mike Mosel bring to Pelarity?
Mike Mosel, the founder of Pelarity, has a background in management and extensive experience in integrating behavioral science into business strategy. Having been a CEO and exited several companies successfully, he uses his insights to help businesses understand and optimize their team dynamics for better productivity and operational health.
Can you explain the Predictive Performance Blueprint developed by Pelarity?
The Predictive Performance Blueprint is a proprietary program developed by Pelarity that uses predictive analytics to enhance team dynamics and organizational alignment. This approach helps businesses achieve strategic goals, improve employee engagement, and boost overall productivity.
What are some of the outcomes businesses can expect by working with Pelarity?
Businesses working with Pelarity report several positive outcomes including enhanced profitability, reduced employee turnover, improved team cohesion, and more effective leadership. Pelarity's strategies are tailored to meet specific organizational needs leading to better operational and financial results.
How does Pelarity’s approach to talent strategy differ from other consultancies?
Pelarity focuses on unraveling the story of an organization's people—how they fit, perform, and interact within the company culture. This people-centric approach helps businesses better understand their workforce, enhancing employee satisfaction and overall organizational health.
What kind of support can I expect as a Pelarity client?
As a Pelarity client, you will receive tailored strategies and actions designed to transform your business into a top talent magnet, achieve high client satisfaction, and experience new levels of confidence, profit, and growth. You also gain access to a rich knowledge base and ongoing support from the Pelarity team.
How can I get in touch with Mike Mosel or learn more about Pelarity's services?
To learn more about how Pelarity can help your organization, you can contact Mike Mosel directly via email at [email protected]. You're invited to connect and begin your journey of impact, influence, and empowerment with Pelarity.

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